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mono screw pump for mortar/slurry/sludge/mortar

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 Screw pump

Product Overview

G series self priming sludge slurry transfer, progressive screw cavity, mono screw pump for mortar/slurry/sludge/mortar

G single screw pump belongs to the rotor type positive displacement pump, it is depend on the screw meshing with liner on the discharge and suction cavity to conveying liquid volume change.

It is a kind of method of pressurized screw pump, a main working parts by bushing has a double helix cavity (stator) and thestator cavity and its meshing singlehead screw screw (rotor).When the input shaft through the universal joint drive making planets revolving around the center of the stator, rotor stator, rotor, vice is continuous mesh form sealed cavity, the seal chamber volume invariably uniform axial movement, the medium from the suction end of deputy to the stator, rotor pressure side, the suction medium sealed cavity through the stator without stirring and destruction.
Product Application
1. Oil-water separator & plate-and-kframe filter press in environmental protection & sewage treatment.
2. Shipping industry
3. Petroleum industry
4. Medicine & daily use chemistry cosmetics.
5. Food can industry
6. Brewing industry
7. Construction industry
8. Mining industry
9. Chemical industry
10. Printinng & papermaking
11. Industrial boiler & power plant