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Mine Rock Bucket

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• Rock teeth
• Adapters
• Wing bar protectors
• Side wearing plates
• Back wearing strips
• Lip shrouds
• Heel shrouds
• Reinforced ribs
Reinforced triangle gussets
• Wear straps fitted inside & outside
 Can be configured to customer spec

Landmate designed four series of bucket, including:
• Standard bucket
• Heavy duty bucket
• Severe duty rock bucket
• Extreme duty rock bucket.
We produce full range of buckets adapting all models of excavator ranging from 1ton to 100tons. Our strength buckets can cover all working conditions from common general earth rock digging to quarrying and mining industries

Q355 is A-572-50, NM400 is also called HB400 or AR400

Type Material & Plates Combinations  Working Conditions
Standard Bucket Q355 + NM400
Teeth, adaptors, side cutters
Light duty works, such as digging and loading earth, sand, loose rock and gravel etc.
Heavy - Duty Bucket Q355 / Q460 + NM400
Thicker plate and higher quality parts ( teeth, adaptors, side cutters)
Stronger and heavier than the GP bucket, HD bucket is for heavier excavating in hard and slightly rocky soil.
Severe Duty Rock Bucket Q355 / Q460 + NM400 / NM 500
Rock teeth, adaptors, side cutters, wing protectors, side wearing plates, back wearing bars
SD buckets suitable for heavier working conditions in rocky types of soil and demolition works. It's wear-resistant for rocky works.
Extreme Duty Rock Bucket Q355 / Q460 / Q690 +NM400
Rock teeth, adaptors, side cutters, wing protectors, side wearing plates, back wearing bars, lip protectors, heel shrouds
Strongest among the buckets above, XD rock bucket suits the most extreme construction conditions.
Applied for highly abrasive cases such as severe rock, providing highest level wear protection.

20ton Construction Equipment Excavator Heavy Duty Rock Bucket 48" with Quick Hitch



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