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Excavator Rock Bucket for Liugong Diggers

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We specialize in the production and sales of bucket attachments for renowned brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sany, XCMG, SDLG, Lingong, Lovol, Shantui, Lovol, Shantui, Lovol, Shantui, Shantui, SHANTUI HEAVY, Zoomlion, and others. Our product range encompasses bucket specifications ranging from 0.3 cubic meters to 8.0 cubic meters, catering to the assembly requirements of excavators ranging from 6 tons to 125 tons. Additionally, we offer tailored solutions for 5-ton and 6-ton loaders' attachment requirements.

Our Bucket Production and Design Advantages:

1. Bucket Design Philosophy: Quality and Efficiency

Optimized Bucket Design: We employ the ME-type design, carefully optimized for the best performance in terms of width-to-depth ratio.

High-Strength Material Selection: The main structure is constructed using Q690C and Q460C ultra-high-strength steel plates, ensuring structural stability and significantly extending the operational lifespan.

2. Manufacturing Process:

Adherence to Komatsu Standards: We strictly adhere to Komatsu's welding processes and standards, ensuring our manufacturing meets the highest industry standards.

Experienced Welding Team: Our welding team consists of professionals with over 15 years of experience. Additionally, we regularly invite experts from Komatsu to provide guidance on welding techniques, ensuring top-notch quality and expertise.

Regular Equipment Maintenance: Our equipment undergoes regular inspections and maintenance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, ensuring optimal performance and precision in our manufacturing processes.

Stable Material Procurement: We source our steel plates from reputable steel mills such as Wugang and Baosteel, guaranteeing the stability of material performance.

Stringent Quality Control: At every stage of production, we maintain a strict policy of not accepting substandard materials, ensuring that we do not manufacture defective products and do not pass on any subpar materials. This commitment ensures the consistent performance and quality of our buckets.

3. Excellent Customer Service:

Pre-sales Assistance: We provide personalized service by understanding our customers' specific industrial and mining requirements. Based on this understanding, we recommend the most suitable bucket types, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Bucket (GP) Q345 Mainly used for excavation and sand, gravel and 
soil and other light load operating environment.
Customized service
Bucket (HD) Q345+NM400 Mainly used for digging hard soil, mixed with
 a relative soft stone and clay, softer stones and
other light load operating environment.
Bucket(HDR) Q345+NM400
Used for mining hard gravel mixed with
hard soil, sub-hard stone or flint, after
blasting or loading, and heavy-loading.

Bucket Type Usage
Mining Super Rock Bucket Used in mining operations with partially blasted, high-density rock materials.
Rock Bucket Used for loading crushed stones after blasting.
Reinforced Bucket Used in mining and construction sites with hard objects like mixed stones in debris and soil.
Standard Bucket Used for excavator loading in earthworks.
Cleaning Bucket Used for dredging rivers, loading light materials; slightly larger in capacity.
Heavy-duty Grapple Bucket Used for material sorting in quarrying operations; grid size adjustable based on material size.
Light-duty Grapple Bucket Used for clearing debris in rivers; slightly larger in capacity.
Cleaning Bucket Used for dredging rivers, loading light materials; similar to the first cleaning bucket.
Tilting Bucket Based on the cleaning bucket, equipped with a leveling slope for river dredging and leveling operations.
V-shaped Bucket Used for excavating trenches, customizable in size for one-pass trenching.




We achieve this commitment by developing a network of qualified suppliers in the country, providing the fastest response to customer needs and complaints, and timely delivery of goods.


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