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Ring Seam Series Welding Tooling



circular seam series tooling is suitable for diameter less1000MMThe circular seam welding of the following circular workpieces is mainly composed of precision rotary head frame, movable tailstock, workpiece bracket, welding trolley and conductive mechanism. Single gun or double gun welding can be selected according to needs, and other optional workpiece heating, overall protection and welding fume dust removal equipment can be selected.

Performance Characteristics

  1. Modular design, it can be quickly and easily combined into the required welding system according to customer requirements.

  2. Suitable for circular seam welding of cylinder and cylinder.

  3. According to the welding process requirements, can choosePAW,TIG,, hot wireTIG,MIG/MAGand other welding methods,And can be equipped with single gun, double gun welding method according to the requirements.

  4. Can be applied to the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials

  5. can be equipped with pneumatic feeding, hydraulic jacking and other clamping tools according to product characteristics.