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Mud Solids Control LW450 Drilling Fluid Centrifuge

Oilfield Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge is the last stage equipment in drilling mud system for solids control and mud cleaning. The superiority of Decanting Centrifuge is embodied in the solids processing size.
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Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge Hot Selling in Reyes machinery

  • Waste water treatment

  • food processing

  • Petrochemical

  • Petroleum

  • Waste recycling

  • Fish processing

  • Chemicals

  • Beneficiation

  • Organic Chemicals

  • Polymer industry

  • Inorganic chemical industry

odel Drum diameter
Maximum speed
Hightest separation
factor g
Mixture capacity
Motor Power
Host weight
Dimension(L*W *H)
LW250-900 250 900 5000 3500 0.5-3 11/5.5 1100 2300*700*1300
LW350-1500 350 1500 3800 2850 1-5 18.5/5.5 2200 3500*1000*1300
LW400-1200 400 1200 3400 2581 1-8 22/7.5 2200 3350*1000*1100
LW400-1600 400 1600 3400 2581 2-10 22/7.5 2400 3850*1000*1250
LW400-1800 400 1800 3400 2581 2-12 22/7.5 2500 4000*1000*1250
LW450-1800 450 1800 3200 2572 5-20 30/7.5 3000 4200*1170*1350
LW450-2000 450 2000 3200 2572 5-25 30/7.5 3300 4400*1170*1350
LW530-2280 530 2280 2800 2350 10-50 45/15 4000 4750*1300*1500
LW600-2400 600 2400 2600 2265 15-65 55/18.5 5000 4800*1350*1950
LW650-2600 650 2600 2400 2100 20-80 55/90 6500 4900*1450*1650
LW720-2500 720 2500 2200 1950 25-90 75/90 7000 5000*1600*1700
LW800-2560 800 2560 2000 1800 30-100 90/132 8000 4600*2200*1400
LW800-3200 800 3200 2000 1800 30-110 90/132 9000 5200*2200*1400
LW900-3200 800 3200 1800 1650 30-150 132/200 10000 5500*2300*1800

The LW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge is a high-performance, vertical centrifuge, designed to efficiently separate drilling mud particles from the drilling fluids. It is widely used in the oil and gas industry for various applications, including drilling, disposal of oil waste, and environmental protection.

With its superior design and advanced features, the LW450 centrifuge can effectively separate solids from liquids at high speeds, which makes it ideal for use in drilling mud applications. Its main function is to separate drilling cuttings and other solid particles from the drilling mud, to ensure the drilling fluids remain clean and smooth, and to reduce the risks of equipment failure.

One of the key features of the LW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge is its compact and robust design, which allows for easy installation and operation, while providing exceptional performance and reliability. The centrifuge is equipped with a heavy-duty motor and gear system, which delivers high-speed, continuous and efficient operation.

Another key feature of this centrifuge is its advanced control system, which allows for easy adjustment of the speed and G-force, to meet the specific needs of different applications. The control system also features an automated alarm system, which alerts users to potential issues, such as overloading or system failure, allowing for immediate corrective action to be taken.

The LW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge also utilizes an advanced liquid and solid separation technology, which ensures maximum efficiency without compromising on the quality of the drilling fluids. The centrifuge operates at a high rotational speed, creating a strong centrifugal force that separates the mud particles from the fluids, resulting in a cleaner and smoother drilling process.

This multi-purpose centrifuge is designed for use in varying conditions, with its high-performance features, ensuring it can handle different types of drilling muds and solids with ease. Additionally, the LW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge is low maintenance and energy efficient, making it an economical option for companies looking to improve their drilling processes.

In conclusion, the LW450 Drilling Mud Centrifuge is an innovative and reliable solution for the separation of drilling mud particles from fluids. Its advanced features and technology guarantee high-efficiency performance, improved drilling processes, and reduced risks of equipment failure. It is an ideal investment for companies looking to optimize their drilling operations and reduce their overall costs.



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