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High Quality China Factory Drawwork

Drawworks is the core part of drilling rig.It is mainly used for feeding drilling tools.Lifting or laying down mast, triping in and out drilling pipe,running in casing operation and so on Designed and manufactured in accordance with API standards.
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Design Features of drawworks:

l All bearings are roller bearings. Shafts of drawworks are made of alloy steel.

2 Drum of drawworks is grooved. Ventilating air clutches constitute the high and low speed ends.

3 Main brake of drawworks is hydraulic disc brake. The disc of brake is cooled by water or air.

4 Auxiliary brake is Electromagnetic eddy current brake, cooled by water or air.

5 Being shifted though air clutch.

6 Being transmitted through chains.

7 Chains are lubricated forcedly by thin oil, bearings are lubricated by grease.

8 Split construction