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Drilling Solids Control Linear Type Shale Shaker

  • Universal screens
  • Adjustable vibration motor
  • Heat treatment of vibration shaft
  • Screen box Angle adjustment
  • Screen box balancing device
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Drilling fluid shale shaker is suitable for the oil and gas drilling solid control system, is the first level of drilling fluid solid/liquid separation equipment.HL Petroleum shale shaker using two the same vibration motors, according to the principle of self synchronous, implements the linear motion of the sieve box along a certain direction, to screen out side by side of cuttings in drilling fluid.

HL Petroleum has single shale shaker, double shale shaker and triple shale shaker 3 kinds of combinations, at the same time,the shale shaker can also be used in solids seperation with the bottom of mud cleaner.Drilling fluid shale shaker has high strength, vibration screening area is large, adjustable Angle of screen box, compact structure, performance is remarkable, the shale shaker is widely used in oil and gas drilling, drilling fluid trenchless horizontal directional crossing, CBM drilling, shale gas, shield spate separation, river silt, environmental protection and other fields.

Linear motion shale shaker feature:

Shale shaker Technical Parameters

Model: HZS703

Handling capacity: 40 L/s

Vibration path: Linear

Vibration amplitude: 5mm

Adjusting range: -1°~+6°

Dimension: 2945×1920×1480mm

Weight: 1680kg
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