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Displacement Machine Series Welding Tooling



displacement machine series welding tooling can be used for various automatic welding or manual welding to realize pipe-to-pipe butt joint, pipe end face welding of various shafts, discs, cylinders and other welding methods. It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, and convenient operation. It is an ideal welding auxiliary equipment for pressure vessels, metallurgy, electric power, chemical machinery, metal structure and other industries. According to the purpose, it can be divided into: tilting displacement machine and lifting"L"displacement machine, etc.

performance characteristics

include arm extension type, tilting rotary type and double column single rotary type.

:1., the frequency converter is selected for stepless speed regulation, with wide speed regulation range, high precision and large starting torque.

2specially designed grooved steel core rubber roller has large friction, long service life and strong bearing capacity.

3.Combined box base with high rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

4.manufacturing technology is advanced, and the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, thus greatly reducing the movement of the workpiece caused by insufficient manufacturing accuracy.5.welding displacement machine automatically adjusts the angle of the roller bracket according to the diameter of the workpiece, and is satisfied with the support and rotary drive of workpieces with different diameters. Types of common welding displacement machines