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Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump

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Closed Impeller High head slurry pump

A closed impeller high head slurry pump is a type of pump used to transport slurry or abrasive fluids with a high head (pressure) requirement. The pump features a closed impeller design, which means that the impeller is enclosed within a casing, creating a tight seal and preventing slurry from leaking out.

The impeller is the rotating component of the pump responsible for generating the pumping action. In a closed impeller design, the impeller blades are enclosed within the casing, reducing the risk of wear and damage from abrasive particles in the slurry.

The high head capability of this pump refers to its ability to generate significant pressure to overcome the resistance in the pipeline or system. It is designed to handle applications where the slurry needs to be pumped over long distances or to higher elevations.

Features of Closed Impeller High head slurry pump

 ♦  Top Quality Materail: Our Pump wet parts are made of wear-resistant high chromium alloy. 

 ♦ International famous brearing: Our Pump bearing assembly use cylindrical structure, adjusting the space between impeller and front liner easily. They can be removed completely when being repaired. Bearing assembly use grease lubrication.   

 ♦  The shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal for all slurry pump.

 ♦  The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications at its working site.

 ♦  There are the drive types, such as V belt drive, gear reducer drive, fluid coupling drive, and frequency conversion drive devices.

 ♦  Wide performance, good NPSH and high efficiency. The slurry pump can be installed in multistage series to meet the delivery for long distance.

Specification of Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump

(m 3 /h) H(m) n(r/min) (m)
ZH-1.5×1B 15 12.6~28.8 6~68 1200~3800 40 2~4
ZH-2×1.5B 15 32.4~72 6~58 1200~3200 45 3.5~8
ZH-3×2C 30 39.6~86.4 12~64 1300~2700 55 4~6
ZH-4×3C 30 86.4~198 9~52 1000~2200 71 4~6
ZH-4×3D 60
ZH-6×4D 60 162~360 12~56 800~1550 65 5~8
ZH- 6×4E 120
ZH- 8×6E 120 360~828 10~61 500~1140 72 2~9
ZH-10×8ST 560 612~1368 11~61 400~850 71 4~10
ZH-12×10ST 560 936~1980 7~68 300~800 82 6
ZH- 14×12ST 560 1260~2772 13~63 300~600 77 3~10
ZH- 16×14ST 560 1368~3060 11~63 250~550 79 4~10
ZH- 16×14TU 1200
ZH- 18×16ST 560 2160~5040 8~66 200~500 80 4.5~9
ZH- 18×16TU 1200
ZH- 20×18TU 1200 2520~5400 13~57 200~400 85 5~10

Application of Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump

The ZH series centrifugal horizontal slurry Pump is the pump for highly abrasive/density slurries in   processes from cyclone feed to regrind, mill discharge, flotation, mine drainage and tailing in minerals plants plus other industrial applications, Sometimes, it could also be used in dredging of settling lagoons and pumping of drilling mud etc.

• Mining

• Mineral processing

• Construction

• Chemical and Fertilization

• Power generation

• Phosphate matrix fertilization

• Pulp and paper

• Waste sludge

• Paper mill wastes and liquors

• Precipitated CaCO3

• Plaster

• Bottom/fly ash, lime grinding

• Dirty water

• Pulp and paper

• Oil and gas

• Waste water treatment

• Ball mill discharge

• Rod mill discharge

• SAG mill discharge

• Fine tailing

• Flotation

• Heavy media process

• Minerals concentrate

• Mineral sands

• Coal-washing plant

• Coarse sand

• Coarse tailing

• Dredging


• Wet crushers applications

• Wet scrubber systems

• Process chemical

• Iron and Steel

• Ni acid slurry

• Fracking slurries

• Clay and sand slurries

• Kaolin clay

• Carbon slurry

• Lime mud

• Oil sands

• Phosphoric acid

Advantages of Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump

◆ Unmatched Power and Efficiency

Harness the Power of the Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump

The closed impeller high head slurry pump is your ultimate solution for handling demanding slurry applications with ease. Built with precision and engineered to perfection, this pump delivers unmatched power and efficiency to meet your most challenging pumping requirements.

◆  Superior Performance in High Head Applications

Conquer High Head Challenges with Ease

When it comes to high head applications, you need a pump that can rise above the rest. Our closed impeller high head slurry pump is specifically designed to excel in these demanding scenarios. With its advanced hydraulic design and high-performance impeller, this pump effortlessly tackles high head challenges, ensuring smooth and reliable operations.

◆  Robust Construction for Longevity

Built to Last: Durability That Stands the Test of Time

Invest in a slurry pump that will go the distance. The closed impeller high head slurry pump is constructed using premium-grade materials and features a robust design to ensure exceptional durability. Whether you're dealing with abrasive slurry or corrosive fluids, this pump's rugged construction guarantees long-lasting performance, reducing maintenance costs and maximizing your investment.

◆  Seamless Adaptability for Various Industries

Versatile Pumping Solutions for Multiple Applications

From mining and mineral processing to chemical and wastewater treatment, the closed impeller high head slurry pump caters to a wide range of industries and applications. Its adaptability allows it to handle diverse slurry compositions, making it the go-to choice for professionals in different fields. Experience versatile pumping solutions that deliver exceptional results, no matter the industry.

◆  Unparalleled Reliability and Peace of Mind

Trust in a Pump that Delivers Every Time

Reliability is paramount when it comes to slurry pumping, and the closed impeller high head slurry pump excels in this aspect. Designed with precision engineering and strict quality control, this pump ensures consistent performance and reliable operation. Count on its robust design and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results, providing you with peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity.

Experience the power and reliability of our cutting-edge Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump, designed to deliver exceptional performance in handling abrasive fluids with high pressure requirements. As a leading closed impeller high head slurry pump  manufacturer, Yingpai Machinery can provide you with a pumping solution that ensures efficiency, durability, and maximum productivity in your toughest slurry applications. Welcome to contact us for more.

Closed Impeller High Head Slurry Pump



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