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Manipulator Series Welding Tooling



operating machine series tooling is one of the main process equipment for automatic welding of boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines and metal structural parts. It can be matched with roller frame, displacement machine, turnover machine, etc. to form an automatic welding system. It can be used for internal and external longitudinal circumferential seam welding of various pressure vessel cylinders or large diameter pipelines, round head seam welding, surfacing welding of cylinder and inner wall of head, etc. Can be equippedPAW,TIG,MIG/MAGwelding process method.

Performance Characteristics

  1. Modular design, it can be quickly and easily combined into the required welding system according to customer requirements.

  2. Suitable for various types of workpiece longitudinal seam, circular seam and other structural forms

  3. According to the structural requirements of the workpiece, you can choosePAW,TIG,hot wireTIG,MIG/MAGwelding process method.

  4. Can be applied to the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials

  5. can be customized according to the user's workpiece structure requirements.