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Heavy Duty Bucket Hard Rock Bucket Cat 330 Rock Skeleton Bucket for Excavator

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1.Bucket material analysis:


Configuration &Capability
Fit Models
Standard/HD Bucket
Adapter, Teeth,
Side  cutter 
Standard plate thickness like the original factory, domestic high quality tooth plate.
For 5-30T excavator.Such as cat307 312 320 ,R55 R210 PC200 PC220 EX120 EX200 EC160
Heavy duty Bucket
Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter,protector
Thicker plate, domestic high quality tooth plate which can extend the using time
FOR 19-60T excavator. Such as: CAT 320 325 330 345 PC200 220 300 350 450 600 ZX 200 300 400 450 R225 265 305 335 375 SK200 210 250 350 460 EC210 240 290 360 700 etc
Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter,protector
Adaptor plate and side plate are made of Chinese material NM400, domestic material high quality tooth plate, so that it can resist grinding and bending
Rock Bucket
NM400 +Q345B
Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter,protector, wearing block
Consolidated plate on the bottom, enhance the thickness of side plate, and install protective board, so that it can resist grinding and bending efficiently.
FOR 20-100T excavator. Such as: CAT 320 325 330 345 PC200 220 300 350 450 600 800 1250 ZX 200 300 400 870 1200 SK200 210 250 350 460 EC210 240 290 360 700 etc
Heavy duty Rock Bucket
HARDOX400+ Q345B
Adapter,Teeth,Side cutter,protector, wearing block
Add fixed plate on the bottom and side guard plates, install protection plates; the tooth adapters adopt rock-specific products, featuring strong wear resistance and bending resistance.

Product Characteristics: 

     Installed with high strength ripper teeth, strong digging capacity;

     Convenient for digging and loading at the same time, high efficiency.


Digging and breaking of hard earth, sub-hard stone and land waste. 

The specification covers from 0.1 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters available for the following models:

Heavy Duty Bucket Hard Rock Bucket Cat 330 Rock Skeleton Bucket for ExcavatorApplication
Our Excavator ripper can be used for breaking up rock,hard soil, frozen ground,stone and land waste,so that the bucket can be digging and loading
Installed with high strength ripper teeth,strong digging capacity.
Convient for digging and loading at the same time,high efficiency
Constructed from high quality high strength steel. 
Easy to install and easy to use.
Durable and calculated design resulting in efficient operation.
Made of top quality structural and high strength steel.
Save working time, improve working efficiency. competitive price.

 Excavator Brands
The products we offer are fitted for all of the world famous 
excavator brands
Type: Standard bucket,Heavy duty bucket,Rock bucket
1). Standard bucket
Configuration and Performance: normal thickness of the plate,excellent domestic teeth and adaptor
Application:applicable to light working environment,such as the excavation clay,sand and loamy gravel
2). Heavy Duty Bucke
Configuration and Performance:add strengthen plate on the bottom,excellent domestic teeth and adaptor, prolonged service life
Application:applicable to light working environment,such as the excavating and loading of hard soil,soil with soft rock,and soft rock
 3). Rock Bucket
Configuration and Performance: add strengthen plate on the bottom,add side protective plateand protective plate
Application:applicable to heavy working environment,such as the loading of hard stone and ore after the blasting
Advantages of products:
1. We can make or design buckets as your request. According to different operating conditions and customer needs, various kinds of buckets are designed reasonably from shapes, materials, and stress features, etc.
2. Apart from the Standard bucket, Rocky bucket and Heavy duty bucket, also offering special purpose bucket , such as tilting bucket, hydraulic thumb, skeleton bucket ,cleaning bucket, grab bucket, shovel bucket, loader bucket.

produce all kinds of GP buckets, Heavy duty bucket, Rock bucket, Tilt bucket, Skeleton bucket, Quick coupler, Ripper, Root rake, Compaction wheel, screen bucket, crusher bucket, hydraulic cutter, clamshell bucket, Manual grab, Hydraulic grab, Log grab, Rotatory sorting grab, Orange peel grab, wearing-resistant parts with high quality.

We can supply:
Adaptation of Ko-atsu (PC55 to PC650)
Adaptation of Cat-erpillar (Cat305 to Cat385)
Adaptation of Hit-achi (EX60 to EX400 and ZX35 to ZX870)
Adaptation of Ko-belco (SK55 to SK480)
Adaptation of Sum-itomo (SH75 to SH460)
Adaptation of Hy-undai (R55 to R505)
Adaptation of Vo-lvo (EC55 to EC700)

Bucket Capality Range
Machine Dimensions(cbm) 
C at-erpillar 0.2-3.6 
Hi-tachi 0.2-5 
K om-atsu 0.2-4.5 
Sum-itomo 0.2-2.5 
Hyu-ndai 0.2-2.5 
Ko-belco 0.2-4.5 
Vol-vo 0.2-3.6 
Ka-te 0.8-1.2 
Sa-nyi 0.2-1.8 
Doo-san 0.8-3.5, ETC.



We achieve this commitment by developing a network of qualified suppliers in the country, providing the fastest response to customer needs and complaints, and timely delivery of goods.


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