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Excavator Quick Hitch

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Excavator Quick Hitch

Excavator quick coupler, also known as excavator quick hitch, can significantly save time and improve work efficiency of excavators. Excavator quick coupler can be divided into mechanical quick coupler and hydraulic quick coupler. Quick coupler can be quickly installed onto all kinds of configuration parts, including bucket, ripper, compactor, hydraulic hammer, and etc..

Designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your construction projects, quick coupler from Yingpai Machinery is a game-changer in the excavation industry. With its advanced features and sturdy construction, our quick coupler is the perfect solution for streamlining your operations and staying ahead of the competition.

Features of Excavator Quick Hitch

● Efficient and Time-Saving Attachment Changes

Our Excavator Quick Coupler eliminates the need for time-consuming manual attachment changes. With its innovative design, you can swiftly switch between different excavator attachments, such as buckets, hammers, rippers, and more. Say goodbye to the hassle of using additional tools and wasting precious project time. Our quick coupler allows you to change attachments quickly, safely, and efficiently, maximizing your productivity on the job site.

● Versatile Compatibility with Various Excavator Models

We understand the diverse needs of the construction industry, which is why our Excavator Quick Coupler is compatible with a wide range of excavator models. Whether you own a small, medium, or large excavator, our quick coupler can seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment. It ensures a secure and reliable connection, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on completing your projects with precision.

● Enhanced Safety Measures for Operators

Safety is paramount in any construction project, and our Excavator Quick Coupler prioritizes the well-being of your operators. Equipped with advanced safety features, including a robust locking mechanism and visual indicators, our quick coupler ensures a secure attachment connection. This minimizes the risk of accidents or detachment during operation, protecting both your equipment and personnel.

Excavator Quick Coupler

Boost Your Construction Efficiency with Our Excavator Quick Coupler

Installation of Excavator Quick Coupler

● The basic steps of excavator quick coupler installation are as follows:

● Pin the coupler onto the machine.
● Run hoses from the coupler to the supplied control block that mounts onto the dipper/stick of the machine.
● Run hoses from the stick all the way back to the hydraulic pump housing compartment.
● Secure the hydraulic solenoid to a suitable location.
● Use T fittings to tap into the bucket cylinder circuit of the machine and connect hoses to the solenoid as instructed by the manual.
● Mount the control box in the cab and connect to the solenoid and power source.

* Yingpai Machinery would like to offer installation instructions remotely if you need. Contact us to get help.

Yingpai quick hitchs or quick couplers are the industry standard for mechanical and hydraulic quick couplers for excavators and other machinery. Contact us for availability on your specific machine.



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