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Longitudinal Seam Series Welding Tooling

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Longitudinal seam tooling is divided into two ways: fixed longitudinal seam and lifting longitudinal seam. Longitudinal seam is convenient to realize the splicing function of cylinder and plate. Longitudinal seam series tooling is mainly used for the inner and outer longitudinal seam welding of medium and thin-walled cylinders, which can be equippedPAW,TIG,MIG/MAGwelding process. It is suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and its alloys, and is used for welding of food machinery, dyeing and finishing equipment, power switch busbar cylinder, medical machinery, special material chemical containers, power pipelines, air conditioning unit shells and other products. It can also increase the height of such tooling and increase safety protection devices according to the specific conditions of the workpiece. The welding process is reliable and efficient, and the entire welding longitudinal seam process is programmed and controlled.

Performance Characteristics

1Adopt key clamping method, good heat dissipation effect during welding, small workpiece deformation, and high welding quality

2Applicable thickness in0.4-12mmrange

3suitablePAW,TIG,MIG/MAGwelding process method

4can be welded carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials

5According to the structure of the workpiece, you can choose the standard series of tooling, but also according to the requirements of special custom



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