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API Varco Top Drive Spare Parts Lower Ibop, Inside Bop

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Inside Bop

Product Description

IBOP for top drive used for top drive system. It includes Upper IBOP for top drive and Lower IBOP for top drive. They are used for top drive drilling system with jointed one by one. It can stand the high pressure from upward and downward. The working pressure can reach 10,000psi or 15,000psi. The bore of the valve body and all internal parts are special treated to prevent from corrosion and they can have a long life service.

 The Inside Blow Out Preventer (IBOP) is a check valve designed to control or prevent backflow condition when the kelly or top drive is disconnected from the drill pipe.

Releasing tools are supplied with the valve and they are used to hold the valve in the open position to allow it to be used as a stabbing valve. If backflow condition occurs, the open valve can be easily stabbed and threaded into the drill pipe.

Unlocking the releasing tool allows the valve to close thus preventing further back flow from the drill pipe. The releasing tool is then removed and normal circulation can be resumed through the valve to re-establish control of the well.

We offer standard models designed for working pressures of 5,000 / 10,000 psi.

When ordering, please specify:

1. Drill pipe size

2. Connections size and type

3. Working pressure

4. ID