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What Do Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Units Actually Do?

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Curious about skid-mounted coiled tubing units? Discover their functions and applications in this comprehensive guide. Contact us for more information and find a reliable supplier for your needs.


Skid-mounted coiled tubing units are integral components in various industries, offering versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. From oil and gas operations to well intervention projects, these units play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and productivity. In this article, we delve into the functions and capabilities of skid-mounted coiled tubing units, shedding light on their significance and applications.

Understanding Coiled Tubing Technology

A coiled tubing unit (CTU) is a self-contained, hydraulically-powered piece of equipment used in the oil and gas industry for drilling and well intervention. It consists of a reel that holds a spool of coiled steel tubing that can be fed into a wellbore as needed. CTUs are easily transported and can be used on land or offshore without the need for a separate workover rig.

Coiled tubing technology revolutionized the way oil and gas operations are conducted. Unlike traditional methods that involve jointed pipe, coiled tubing is a continuous, flexible pipe wound on a large reel. This design enables seamless deployment and retrieval, making it ideal for various downhole interventions.

What do coil tubing units do?

Temperature and salinity effects. Coiled tubing applications include drilling operations, hydraulic fracturing, well completions, removing sand or fill from wellbore, and other applications that involve pumping fluids at high temperatures and high salinity.

A coiled tubing unit is made up of flexible tubing that can be coiled onto a drum and uncoiled to be placed into a well. It also includes:

Tubing reel, Hydraulic crane, Injector head, BOP, Power pack, and Control cabin.

The injector head is responsible for gripping the tubing and providing the force needed to retrieve and deploy it into and out of the wellbore. The control cabin contains all the instrumentation and controls for the unit.

Skid-mounted coiled tubing units are used for offshore operations and may have features such as:

- Hydraulic landing legs with sand pads for safe and easy uncoupling

- Folding walkways with handrails for safe access to the trailer deck and installed equipment

- Integrated hosing runs with protective covers to prevent hose damage

- Multiport hose reels mounted to the front of the cabin skid

Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

Oilfield Equipment Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

Components of a Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

Skid-mounted coiled tubing units consist of several key components, each playing a vital role in the overall functionality of the system.

Coiled Tubing Reel                          

At the heart of the unit lies the coiled tubing reel, where the tubing is spooled and stored. This reel allows for controlled deployment and retrieval of the tubing during operations.

Injector Head

The injector head guides the coiled tubing into the wellbore, ensuring smooth and efficient movement downhole. It maintains tension on the tubing to prevent buckling or tangling.

Power Pack

The power pack provides the necessary hydraulic power to drive the coiled tubing reel and other auxiliary equipment. It serves as the powerhouse of the unit, supplying energy for various operations.

Control Cabin

The control cabin houses the operator interface and monitoring systems, allowing operators to oversee and manage the coiled tubing operations remotely. It provides a centralized hub for controlling critical functions and parameters.

Applications of Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Units

Skid-mounted coiled tubing units find applications across diverse industries, thanks to their versatility and efficiency.

Well Intervention

One of the primary uses of coiled tubing units is in well intervention operations. Whether it's cleaning out debris, performing acid stimulations, or conducting logging operations, coiled tubing offers a cost-effective and time-saving solution for maintaining well integrity and enhancing production.

Hydraulic Fracturing

In hydraulic fracturing operations, coiled tubing units play a crucial role in delivering fluids and proppants into the formation under high pressure. This technique is essential for stimulating reservoirs and maximizing hydrocarbon recovery.

Pipeline Maintenance

Skid-mounted coiled tubing units are also employed in pipeline maintenance activities, such as cleaning, inspection, and repair. Their ability to navigate through tight spaces and negotiate complex geometries makes them indispensable tools for ensuring pipeline integrity and reliability.

Advantages of Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Units

Skid-mounted coiled tubing units offer several advantages over conventional methods, making them preferred choices for various applications.

Enhanced Mobility

The compact and portable design of skid-mounted units allows for easy transportation to remote or challenging locations, reducing mobilization costs and logistical challenges.

Increased Efficiency

Coiled tubing operations are typically faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Improved Safety

The continuous nature of coiled tubing operations reduces the risk of connection failures and leaks, enhancing safety for both personnel and the environment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the primary function of a skid-mounted coiled tubing unit?

Skid-mounted coiled tubing units are primarily used for well intervention and maintenance activities in the oil and gas industry.

How does coiled tubing differ from conventional tubing?

Unlike conventional jointed pipe, coiled tubing is continuous and flexible, allowing for seamless deployment and retrieval in downhole operations.

Are skid-mounted coiled tubing units suitable for offshore applications?

Yes, skid-mounted units are designed to be compact and portable, making them suitable for offshore installations where space is limited.

What are some common challenges associated with coiled tubing operations?

Challenges may include managing tubing fatigue, controlling wellbore pressures, and navigating complex downhole environments.

Can coiled tubing be used for hydraulic fracturing operations?

Yes, coiled tubing is commonly used in hydraulic fracturing to deliver fluids and proppants into the formation, facilitating reservoir stimulation.

How can I find a reliable supplier of skid-mounted coiled tubing units?

For reliable suppliers of skid-mounted coiled tubing units, contact us today. We'll connect you with trusted providers who meet your specific requirements.

Skid-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit


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