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1. What is the necessity of maintaining the mud pump?

The mud pump mainly transports drilling fluid with high sand content, large specific gravity and high viscosity to the bottom of the well at high pressure during the drilling process.

When working, it is used to cool the drill bit, drive the drilling rig, clean the drilling tool, scour the bottom of the well, fix the well wall, break the rock, and take out the cuttings when returning from the bottom of the well, reduce the friction between the hole wall and the drilling tool, and protect the hole wall from collapsing.

Usually the mud pump can be divided into two parts - the power end and the hydraulic end, and its working process can be divided into two steps of suction and discharge.

The power end of the mud pump is composed of connecting rod, eccentric wheel, cross head, crank, etc., which are used to transmit power, convert movement speed and movement mode, so as to provide suitable power for the hydraulic end.

The hydraulic end is composed of a piston, a pump cylinder, a suction pipe, a suction valve, a discharge pipe, a discharge valve, etc. It can convert the mechanical energy into the internal energy of the liquid, which is used for the transportation of mud.

Under the alternating process of suction and discharge, the purpose of circulating and pressurizing the flushing fluid can be achieved. The medium conveyed by the mud pump usually has high viscosity, high sand content, high pressure and certain corrosiveness. Reasonable daily maintenance and maintenance can prolong the service life of the pump.

2. How to maintain and maintain the mud pump?

The mud pump must be installed on a relatively stable foundation. Before the mud pump is turned on, the lubrication condition, tightening state, fitting clearance, etc. of the various components in the pump should be carefully checked.

The frequent pumping of the mud pump should be avoided as much as possible. When the pump is turned on or reversed, the vaporization of the conveying medium in the pump should be prevented, and the temperature of the medium in the pump should not change greatly during the conveying process. It is due to the uneven heating of the pump body caused by the temperature change, which may lead to deformation and aging of the components in the mud pump.

When the mud pump is transporting medium with higher temperature, the pump should be fully warmed before starting, and the pump can be started when the temperature of the pump body is consistent with the temperature of the medium being transported.

The particle size of the sand transported by the mud pump during the construction process is related to the service life of the vulnerable parts of the mud pump. Air leakage is not allowed in the suction pipeline of the mud pump. The size of the particles passing through the pump should meet the requirements to avoid large particles so as to avoid clogging the mud pump with large particles.

The bearing, pump casing and impeller of the mud pump are the most vulnerable parts. The bearing of the mud pump is bent or has a coaxial deviation with the bearing seat, which will increase the wear of the pump parts and cause the vibration of the pump body.

Most of the damage to the blades of the mud pump is caused by the cavitation of the pump or the inhalation of solid and metal impurities. It is necessary to check and replace the vulnerable parts frequently, or try to use more advanced anti-wear technical measures to increase the service life of wearing parts.

The daily maintenance and maintenance of the china hydraulic mud pump should be carried out by special personnel, and the commonly used and easily damaged mud pump accessories should be equipped for emergency use.

Regularly check and maintain the various parts of the mud pump, solve problems in time, and try to avoid problems and losses during the operation of the mud pump.

How to maintain the mud pump well, it is necessary to ensure that the oil quantity and quality of the lubricating oil are clean, part of the oil bottom needs to be released every month and part of the new oil needs to be replenished, and the oil can be changed every six months.

The bearing assembly is clean and dust-free. Check the temperature change of each part of the bearing to see if there is any abnormal noise. If the temperature is too high, the bearing will be burnt. Always check the working conditions of the mud pump piston and cylinder liner so that the piston can be replaced in time.

Check the use of the valve cover and cylinder head sealing ring, check the wear and erosion of the valve seat, valve body, and valve rubber, and replace it in time. normal.

Check the piston and safety pin of the safety valve, and replace the safety pin of the safety valve installed on the driving shaft in time to ensure that the mud pump can operate safely under drilling conditions.

The mud pump needs a comprehensive disassembly inspection every two years to detect the clearance of the bearing, maintenance and repair or direct replacement, and regular disc pumping of the mud pump in order to prolong the service life of the mud pump.


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