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How to Choose the Right Drilling Rig?

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To assist everyone in acquiring their desired drilling rig, I will endeavor to elucidate some personal viewpoints here, purely for reference.


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  1. Consider Environmental Factors: Take into account the construction environment factors. For instance, in the Northeast, consider low temperatures and procure low-temperature drilling rigs. In the Southwest, contemplate preventing blowouts by employing a 70MPa blowout preventer. For marine applications, naturally, use dedicated offshore drilling rigs. In mountainous areas where site constraints and hole depth considerations are more prominent, opt for drilling rigs that are compact and have minimal transport requirements.

  1. Consider Client Requirements: Factor in the demands of the contracting party. With growing emphasis on environmental protection, energy efficiency, digitalization, and intelligence, many clients now require advanced drilling equipment. In recent years, the trend in oil drilling rig procurement has shifted toward Direct-Drive Belt (DB) systems, which involve alternating current variable-frequency electric drives.

  1. Consider Drilling Process Factors: Account for drilling process variables. If complex screw compound drilling or down-the-hole hammer drilling is required, independent rotary drive systems with adjustable speeds are necessary. For large-diameter drilling, careful torque calculations are crucial for selecting the appropriate drilling rig. For tasks like long horizontal hole drilling, multi-branch wells, cluster wells, and inclined well drilling, top drive drilling systems should be included in the consideration.

  1. Consider Drilling Parameters: This is a primary consideration and often not overlooked. Hence, I've listed it further down. Parameters such as depth, pulling force, torque, pump rate, and drilling pressure should dictate the choice of drilling rig model, forming the foundation of rig selection.

  1. Choose Based on Budget: Select a drilling rig according to your budget. Mechanical drilling rigs offer high cost-effectiveness, compound drilling rigs have versatile applications with moderate cost-effectiveness, and electric-driven rigs offer high digitization, ease of operation, labor-saving benefits but are relatively less cost-effective. Top drive drilling systems represent the future direction, integrating AC variable-frequency electric drives and downhole drilling tool drives as the three leading technologies in 21st-century oil machinery development.

    For purchasers of drilling rigs, it is recommended to thoroughly survey and visit various options. Especially engage in technical exchanges with drilling contracting parties, machinery manufacturers, research institutions, and industry experts. This approach aids in selecting the most suitable rig. Success in any endeavor requires having the right tools; therefore, making the correct choice is the initial step.

    Model ZJ10 ZJ15 ZJ20 ZJ30
    Rig Configuration Self-Propelled
    Drilling Depth (114mm Drill Pipe) 1000m 1500m 2000m 3000m
    Workover Depth (88.9mm Drill Pipe) 3200m 4500m 5500m 6500m
    Max Hook Load 900kN 1125kN 1580kN 1800kN
    Max Hook Speed 0.2~1.4 m/s

Model ZJ10  ZJ15  ZJ20 ZJ30
Derrick Height/m 29 32 35 37
Engine Model CAT3406B CAT3408B DITA CAT3412B DITA CAT3408B DITA
Engine Power/KW 269 354 485 354×2
Hydraulic Transmission Model CLBT5961 CLBT5961 CLBT6061 CLBT5061×2
Transmission Type Hydraulic + Mechanical
Maximum Hoisting Line Count 4×3 5×4 5×4 5×4
Main Hoisting Rope Diameter/mn φ26 φ26 φ29 φ32
Crown Block Model YG90 YG110 YG135/YG160 YG180
Swivel Model SL110 SL130 SL13S/SL160 SL160/SL225
Rotary Table Model ZP175 ZP175 ZP175 ZP205
Chassis Model/Drive Type XD40/8×6 XD50/10×8B XD60/12×8 XD70/14×8
Approach Angle/Departure Angle 25°/16° 25°/16.3° 30°/18° 30°/18°
Minimum Ground Clearance/mm 311 311 311 311
Maximum Gradient 30% 26% 26% 26%
Minimum Turning Radius/m 14 15 19.2 20.5
Transport Dimensions/m "16.7x2.8×4.3" "18.8x2.8×4.3" "20.5x2.85×4.45" "22.5x2.9×4.45"
Main Unit Weight/kg 42000 47000 55000 60000
Accessory Weight/kg About 15000 About 20000 About 25000 About 30000
Mud Tank Effective Volume/m³ Not less than 80 Not less than 80 Not less than 160 Not less than 165

Drilling Rig Model ZJ40/2250DZ(DB) ZJ50/3150DZ(DB) ZJ70/4500(DZ) ZJ90/5850DZ
Nominal Drilling Depth/m (114mm Drill Pipe) 2500~4000 3500~5000 4500~7000 6000~9000
Max Hook Load/kN 2250 3150 4500 5850
Maximum Lines in Travelling System 10 12 12 14
Drilling Wire Rope Diameter (mm / in) 32(1¼) 35(13/8) 38(1½) 42(15/8)
Diameter of Travelling System Pulleys/mm 1120 1270 1524 1524
Swivel Center Pipe Diameter/mm 75 75 75 75
Drawworks Rated Power/kW 735 1100 1470 2210
Drawworks Speeds 4 4 4 4
Rotary Table Opening Diameter (mm / in) 520.7(20½) 698.5(27½) 952.5(37½) 1257.3(49½)
Rotary Table Speeds 2 2 2 2
Mud Pump Single Unit Power (kW / hp) 735(1000) 960(1300) 1180(1600) 1470(2000)
Derrick Working Height/m 43 45 45 45
Drilling Platform Height/m 7.5 9/10.5 9/10.5 10.5/12
Drilling Platform Clear Height/m 6.26 7.617/8.92 7.42/8.92 8.7/10
Mud Tank Effective Volume/m³ (excluding reserve tanks) Not less than 180 Not less than 240 Not less than 360 Not less than 480


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