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China factory mud pump spare parts Mud pump valve assembly of best price

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Valve assembly is composed of valve seats, valve body, valve spring & valve insert and valve guide.They are available for different models of pumps, such as Emsco, IDECO,Halliburton, Oil Well, National, OPI, Gardner Denver and others.Valve Seat,Valve Body and Valve Nut are manufactured by forged premium carbon steel,or according to the requirement of users. Valve Inserts are made of high quality polyurethane and other polymers to suit customers' requirement. 

Our standard valve is offered with polyurethane inserts rated for 170° to 180°F (77° to 82°C) drilling-mud temperatures. We also offer a special high-temperature urethane compound as an option for high-temperature drilling conditions to 200°F (93°C) and higher.


1.The valve body and valve seat of valve assembly are made from high-quality knot steel treated with 20CrMnTi carburizing and quenching processes.

2.The surface hardness is greater than HRC 60.

3.The conical surface is ground finished to ensure a high requirement for roughness and geometric dimension.

4.The rubber sheet is made of polyurethane material which improves the service life of valve assembly, the operational use time is more than 300 hours.



We achieve this commitment by developing a network of qualified suppliers in the country, providing the fastest response to customer needs and complaints, and timely delivery of goods.


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