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China Manufacturer Piston Rubber Product

Bonding the piston to the metal hub provides the strongest, most extrusion-resistant style of piston available and also minimizes any leak paths from forming on the inner diameter of the piston. The bonded-lip design has an open inner sealing lip that also enables the rubber to expand inward as a result of thermal expansion without excess loading of the sealing lip. With proper cooling and lubrication from the liner-wash system, the bonded-nitrile piston can be used successfully at temperatures up to 250°F (121°C).
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Features, Advantages and Benefits:
•This piston is the best choice for all types of water-based drilling fluids.
•The piston is bonded to the hub for optimal strength and extrusion resistance.
•The open inner lip allows for thermal expansion without overloading the seal lip.
•The piston comes complete with hub O-ring and sleeve.