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• Zirconia exhibits better impact strength.

• Zirconia is harder than alumina.

• Zirconia can be honed to finer surface finishes than alumina. Finished to 4 RMS, the zirconia liners

provide a surface finish that is three to four times finer than alumina.

All three of these property advantages translate to lower ownership costs. The improved wear directly

extends the service life of the sleeve, while the improved impact strength reduces significantly the costs of replacing broken liners in the field. The surface finish improvements, meanwhile, have an indirect effect. The finer surface finish means less friction with the elastomer-and-metal pump pistons, which in turn extends piston life and reduces pump-cooling requirements.

• Reduced liner and piston wear.

• Increased impact characteristics.

• Lower thermal load on the liner wash system.

• Higher thermal ratings.

• HP design with shoulder-on-hull to prevent sleeve slippage.

• ID tolerances of +.010"/-.000".

• Surface finish of 4-8 RMS.

• Hardness is HV 0.3 kg/mm – 1100/1200 ( 92-94 Rc).

• Improved performance for high temperature applications.

• Liner sizes are available from 4"-8" for all popular mud pumps.


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