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Uzbekistan clients visit our factory

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        2019.11.07, Uzbekistan clients  visit our factory,the general manager and the two salesmen accompany。


Uzbekistan has the largest population in Central Asia. Its main energy products are oil and natural gas. The foundation of oil and natural gas processing industry and petrochemical industry is good. The consumption of primary energy accounts for the 34th place in the world, and the consumption of natural gas accounts for the 10th place. Uzbekistan is the largest producer and consumer of energy products in Asia (the consumption ranks 15th in Asia)。

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According to the requirements of customers, we introduced the products and production process of the factory in detail, and presented our style to customers。We are a professional MUD PUMP PARTS manufacturer with more than decade experience. clients satisfaction is our greatest pursuit。

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Welcome everyone to visit our factory, sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!