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UNBT-950A Mud Pump Spare Parts

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Bimetallic cylinder liner d130mm 14036.53.430-05SBd130mm 14036.53.430-05SB42
Bimetallic cylinder liner d140mm 14036.53.430-04SBd140mm 14036.53.430-04SB39
Bimetallic cylinder liner d160mm 14036.53.430-02SBd160mm 14036.53.430-02SB71
Bimetallic cylinder liner d180mm 14036.53.430SBd180mm 14036.53.430SB45
Diafragm D-70 4045.53.267-2SB4045.53.267-2SB8
valve К7 14036.53.860-714036.53.860-7708
Safety valve KP50-400 14010.53.910SB14010.53.910SB7
Crosshead's Overlay 4045.53.8674045.53.86712
Guide 14006.53.834-214006.53.834-214
Slider 14036.53.301-114036.53.301-19
piston d130mm 14036.53.230-05 urethaned130mm 14036.53.230-05 urethane48
Piston d140mm 14036.53.230-04d140mm 14036.53.230-0445
Piston d160mm 14036.53.230-02d160mm 14036.53.230-02182
Piston d180mm 14036.53.230d180mm 14036.53.230111
Valve seal 14036.53.10814036.53.108146
Cylinder liner's seal 14006.53.30514006.53.305108
Rod seal 14036.53.450SB14036.53.450SB12
Slide's rod seal 14036.53.979SB14036.53.979SB11
Washer d130mm 14036.53.246-05d130mm 14036.53.246-0512
Washer d140mm 14036.53.246-04d140mm 14036.53.246-0412
Washer d160mm 14036.53.246-02d160mm 14036.53.246-0224
Washer d180mm 14036.53.246d180mm 14036.53.24612
Piston rod 14036.53.130SB14036.53.130SB12


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