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Slurry Pump Wearing Parts Replacements

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The wear rate of a solids conveying slurry pump is a function of the severity of the pumping load and the wear characteristics of the material being processed. Therefore, the life of slurry pump consumables, such as impellers and bushings, varies from slurry pump to installation.

When the performance of a given pump no longer meets the requirements of a particular installation, mud pump consumables must be replaced. In situations where a mud pump is being used for the first time for a specific task, especially where failure of consumables during service could have serious consequences. It is recommended to periodically turn on the slurry pump, inspect the parts and estimate their wear rate in order to determine the remaining life of the parts. Contact us to install new slurry pump consumables

Part Number

Slurry pump parts are described by a three-part part number.

1. (1) to (5) Numeric letter or letter/number prefix that refers to the frame size of the associated slurry pump or part.

2. (3) Digit "Basic Part Number" indicating part type.

3. (3) Digit Alpha/Numeric Material Code.

· The following are example part numbers:


Basic Number

Material Code

For 8/6 FAH



For 6/4 EAH


Volute Liner



The following list provides the basic part number and description for most Slurry pump parts. This list will be useful in identifying basic part numbers referenced in the body of this text. Slurry Pump Parts are shown in diagrams on the pages listed for reference.

Basic Part NumberPart NameBasic Part NumberPart Name
001Adjusting Screw or Adjusting CAM063Lantern Ring
003Base064Impeller O-Ring
004Bearing Housing067Neck Ring
005Bearing Assembly070Shaft Key
008Bearing Sleeve073Shaft
009Bearing075Shaft Sleeve
009DBearing (Drive End)078Stuffing Box
011Clamp Washer079Expeller Ring Stud
012Clamp Bolt083Throatbush
013Cover Plate085Cotter
015Cover Plate Bolt089Bearing Seal
017Cover Plate Liner090Shaft Seal
018Cover Plate Liner–Throatbush Type108Piston Ring
023Cover Plate Liner Set Screw or Stud109Shaft Sleeve O-Ring
024End Cover110Volute Liner
025Shim Set111Packing
026Frame Plate Liner Stud117Shaft Spacer
027End Cover Set Screw118Lantern Restrictor
028Expeller122Seal Ring
029Expeller Ring124Volute Liner Seal
029RExpeller Ring (Rubber Lined)125Volute Liner Seal
032Frame Plate126Gland Clamp Bolt
034Frame Plate Bolt127Impeller – Five Vane Open
036Frame Plate Liner132Discharge Joint
039Frame Plate Stud137Impeller – Three Vane Closed
040Frame Plate Liner Insert Bolt138Grease Cup Adaptor
041Frame Plate Liner Insert145Impeller – Four Vane Closed
044Gland147Impeller – Five Vane Closed
045Gland Bolt179Shaft Sleeve Spacer
046Grease Retainer191Impeller – Eight Vane Open Torque Cyclo
049Impeller–Eight Vane Closed217Impeller O-Ring
051Impeller–Two Vane Open239Release Collar
052Impeller–Three Vane Open241Lip Seal Gland
056Impeller–Four Vane Open-Grease Fitting
058Impeller–Six Vane Open

060Intake Joint

061Labyrinth Locknut



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