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RSF1600 mud pump part list

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valve API 7 Kerui API 7 Kerui泵阀"
sleeve o-ring RS11309.05.013 KERUI RS11309.05.013 KERUI缸套O型圈"
plate RS11309A.05.014 KERUIRS11309A.05.014 KERUI耐磨垫"
valve cover RS11309A.05.012 KeruiRS11309A.05.012 Kerui阀盖"
pressure gauge Y60-Z KeruiY60-Z Kerui压力表"
oil seal RS11309.03.011 KeruiRS11309.03.011 Kerui油封"
oil filter RS11306.06.06.00 KeruiRS11306.06.06.00 Kerui 机油滤芯"
case RS11309.05.05.001 KeruiRS11309.05.05.001 Kerui"
sleeve ring RS11309.05.019 KERUI RS11309.05.019 KERUI缸套密封圈"
spring washer  24 GB/T 93 KERUI24 GB/T 93 KERUI 弹簧垫圈"
valve seat  API 7 KERUIAPI 7 KERUI阀座"
t-belt А3708 GB1171 KeruiА3708 GB1171 Kerui皮带"
sleeve cover  RS11309.05.022 Kerui RS11309.05.022 Kerui"
O-ring. 125х7 GB3452.1 KERUI125х7 GB3452.1 KERUI O型圈"
O-ring. 160х7 GB3452.1 KERUI 160х7 GB3452.1 KERUI O型圈"
O-ring. 190х3,55 GB3452.1 KERUI 190х3,55 GB3452.1 KERUI O型圈"
O-ring. 200х7 GB/T 3452.1 KERUI 200х7 GB/T 3452.1 KERUI O型圈"
O-ring.95х5,3 GB/T 3452.1 KERUI 95х5,3 GB/T 3452.1 KERUI O型圈"
O-ring. R44 SY/T 5127 KERUIR44 SY/T 5127 KERUI  O型圈"
O-ring. R39 SY/T 5127 KERUI  R39 SY/T 5127 KERUI O型圈"


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