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RS-F1600/1300 Part list of Crank assembly

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RS-F1600/1300 Part list of Crank assembly 
l RS11309.02.001 Main bearing end cover
2 RS11309.02.002(F1600) right bearing sleeve
3 RS11309.02.003 washer
4 RS11309.02.004 inner closing ring
5 RS11309.02.05.00(F1600) out dosing ring
RS11309.01.002(F1300) out dosing ring
6 RS11309.02.006(F1600) pitman
RS11309.01.003(F1300) out dosing ring
7 RS11309.02.007 steady ring 1
8 RS11309.02.08.00 crank
9 RS11309.02.009 steady ring II
10 RS11309.02.010(F1600) big gear rim
RS11310.01.004(F1300) big gear rim
11 B02.006 bolt 1 1/2-8UNCx5.25
12 RS11309.02.011 spacer ring
13 RS11309.02.012(F1600) left bearing sleeve
RS11310.01.005(F1300) left bearing sleeve
14 RS11309.02.013(F1600) Retainer ring
RS11310.01.006(F1300) Retainer ring
15 RS11309.02.014 baffle
16 RS11309.02.015 main bear bolt
17 RS11309.02.016 wahser
18 B02.07 bolt 5/8-11uncx4.75
19 RS11306.05.15.00 Nut 1 1/2-8unc
20 B02.002 bolt 5/8-1Iuncx15
21 RS11309.02.017(F1600) eccentricity wheel bearing
RS11310.01.007(F1600) eccentricity wheel bearing
22 RS11309.02.018(F1600) Main bearing
RS11310.01.008(F1300) Main bearing
23 B02.004 screw 5/8-11UNCx4
24 B02.003 bolt 5/*-11UNCx1.75
25 GB848 washer 16
26 GB343 locking wire 1.5
27 GB343 locking wire 3
28 242 AnoEROBIC Oxygen glue for screw


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