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Popular hot sales for mud pump liner

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Mud pump spare parts like mud pump liner including zirconia ceramic liner and high chrome bimetallic liner,  fluid end module, valve and seats, piston, piston rod, pony rod etc

bi-metal cylinder liner:the bi-metal cylinder liner is the mostly widely used and of the largest amount at fluid end of mud cylinder liner is composed with a highly worn forged external liner which is made high quality carbon steel through one-step hot press molding process,and a ware/corrosion-resisting high chromium-nickle internal liner which is made in hiagh chromium cast iron through centrifugal casting process.


Ceramic cylinder liner has following features comparing with metal cylinder liner:

Using life is longer, often over 4000 hours.

The zirconia ceramic cylinder liner made through phase transformation toughening technology is characterized in high strength and hardness as well as resistance to wear, corrosion, high pressure/temperature.

Reduce the costs for transportation, maintenance, labor and storage during drilling work.

Compared with aluminum-oxide ceramics and composite ceramics, the toughened composite ceramics have better performances for making cylinder liner, such as higher toughness, higher corrosion resistance, longer using life, saving lubricating water and reducing the wear of pistons.



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