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Mud Pump Structure

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A mud pump is a reciprocating piston/plungerdevice designed to circulate drilling fluid underhigh pressure (up to 7,500 psi (52,000 kPa) ) down the drill string andback up the annulus.

Mud pump is a large reciprocating pump used to circulate the mud (drillingfluid) on a drilling rig. It is an important part of the oil well drillingequipment.



According to the acting type

Mud Pumps can be divided into single-acting pump anddouble-acting pump according to the completion times of the suction anddrainage acting in one cycle of the piston's reciprocating motion.


The"normal" Mud Pump consists of two main sub-assemblies, the fluid endand the power end.

Fluid End

The fluid end produces the pumping process with valves,pistons, and liners. Because these components are high-wear items, modern pumpsare designed to allow quick replacement of these parts..

To reduce severe vibration caused by the pumping process,these pumps incorporate both a suction and discharge pulsation dampener. Theseare connected to the inlet and outlet of the fluid end.

Power End

The power end converts the rotation of the drive shaft tothe reciprocating motion of the pistons. In most cases a crosshead crankgear is used for this.

MudPump Parts

Fluid End Expendables& Accessories

Liner: hy-chrome liner,zirconia liner, ceramic liner, chrome-plated liner, hardned liner

Piston: nitrile rubber piston,supreme piston, polyurethane piston, urethane bonded piston, green duo piston,blue lightning piston, white lightning piston

Valve & Seat: three-web valve seat,four-web valve seat, full open valve seat, Bomco type valve seat, NOV valveseat, Mission valve seat, Southwest valve seat

Pulsation Dampener:KB45,KB75,PD45,PD55,K10,K20

Module: “I” shaped module, “L”shaped module, suction module, discharge module

Spare parts:  Upper and lower ValveGuide, Liner Gasket, Piston Rod, Rod Clamp, Valve Cover, Valve Cover Seal,Cylinder head, Cylinder Head Gasket, Cylinder Head Flange/Threaded Ring,Alignment Ring, Wear Plate, Cylinder Head Plug, Liner Flange, Liner Lock, MudBaffle

Power End Parts

Pony Rod/Extension Rod, Stuffing Box, Stuffing box Seal Parts, Crosshead,Crosshead Guide, Crosshead Pin, Crosshead Bearing, Connection Rod, Bull Gears,Pinion Shaft, Pinion Shaft Bearing/Bearing Carrier/Oil Seal Gasket/, CrankShaft, Crank Shaft Bearing/Bearing Carrier,

Eccentric Bearing, Inner/outer Race Retainer, Gauges, Oil LubricationPump, Mud Pump Transmission Belt Pulley/V-belt

Mud Pump Model:

Bomco: F-500, F-800,F-1000,F-1300, F-1600,F-1600HL, F-2200HL

Emsco: F-500, F-800, F-1000,FB-1300, FB-1600, FA-1600, FA-1300, FC-1600, FD-1600 D-300/500, D-375, D-700

National: 7-P-50, 8-P-80, 9-P-100,10-P-130, 12-P-160, 14-P-220, JWS-340, JWS-400

Oilwell: A-850-PT, A-1100-PT, A-1400-PT,A-1700-PT

Ideco: T-500, T-800, T-1000, T-1300, T-1600

Gardner Denver: PZ-7, PZ-8,PZ-9,PZ-10,PZ-11, FK-FXK, FY-FXD, FD-FXX, FG-GXG, FG-FXG, KG-KXG, FQ-FXQ, FF-FXF, FF-FXP

LS National Mud Pumps: 3NB-500C, 3NB1000C,3NB1300C, 3NB1600

Wirth Mud Pump: TPK1000, TPK1600, TPK2000

Russian Pumps:UNBT-950, UNB-600,8T-650, UNBT650, NBT600, UNB1180, UNB1180L,

WEATHERFORD/EllisWilliams: E-447, E-2200, W446, W440

Drillmec: 9T1000, 12T1600, 7TS600,10D2C,8D1S

Romania: 3PN-1000, 3PN-1600, 3PN-1300,3PN-2000

OPI: 700-HDL | 1000-HDL


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