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Mud Cleaner Shipment

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Mud cleaner technical parameters:

1. Processing capacity: 50m³/h

2. Motor power: YBZU10-6/0.45KW; speed n=920 rpm, Class I explosion-proof, coal safety certification;

3. Electric system: 660V, 50Hz, voltage 380V

4. Effective area of screen surface: 0.78m2/1300×600mm/80 mesh

5. Inlet clamp 114mm, outlet pipe flange DN125mm,

6. The material does not contain Mg and AI;

7. Weight: 510Kg.

Mud cleaner installation

Henglian 200 mud cleaner is mainly composed of mud cyclone and mud vibrating screen. As shown in the figure below: The liquid inlet pipe of the cleaner is arranged on the side of the equipment to facilitate installation. Arrange the primary slurry outlet of the cleaner at the top, the sand outlet is connected with the slurry inlet of the vibrating screen, and the sieved sand is discharged out of the screen; the liquid flows into the collection box below the screen box and output through the secondary pulp outlet.


1. Mud inlet, 2. Cyclone separator, 3. Mud first leveloutlet, 4. Vibrating screen inlet, 5. Vibration motor, 6. Mud secondary outlet, 7. Silt outlet


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