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Much long lifespan for our liner and pistons

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   cylinder liner:  The external of  double metal cylinder liner is manufactured by one-time forming hot pressing using high-quality carbon steel.The inner sleeve is made by centrifugal casting of high-chromium cast iron.the inner surface is smooth as a mirror and size of inner holes has tighter dimensional tolerance.

 external liner : 45# seamless tube,tensile strengthob>610mpa,yield strengthos>450mpa,elongation>17%,hardnessHB 180-200.

  inner sleeve: high-chromium cast iron(centrifugal casting),annealing hardness≤40,quenching hardness C60-67.

   piston assembly: the piston assembly is the main part at fluid end of mud pump,produces discharge pressure of pump from reciprocating straight-line motion in the liner. small piston produces higher pressure and lower slow,while large piston produces lower pressure and higher slow.

piston core is manufatured in 42CrMo and rubber is Buna N or polyurethane.

Much long lifespan for our liner and pistons