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Liner flange

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Cylinder head flange is the main parts of drilling mud pump in the system, we can produce all kings of cylinder head flange. They are exchanged with all major pump models. The parts are precisely made to meet or exceed OEM specification.

We supply products include as following:

ceramic liner.high chrome mud pump liner 
(bi-metal liner),
3-web or 4-web valve and seat,
full-open valve and seat 
valve spring,longlife bonded piston with rubbers
fabric long-life bonded piston with 
replacement piston,piston hub,
piston rod,plate,snap ring,
upper and lower valve guide,extension rod,piston rod clamp,
threaded ring,liner end cover,valve pot cover,
cylinder head,cylinder head plug,cap,
liner seal,valve cover gasket,cylinder head gasket,
module (fluid ends),Piston rods&pony rods