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LS LANSHOU 3NB-1600 Mud Pump Parts

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Item of RequisitionShort TextQuantity RequestedUnit of Measure
1liner   ceramik   160MM 3NB-160012EA
2valve body  3NB-1600   p/n -
3piston for relief valve 3NB-1600                                  
for safety valve model JA-3 
4Share pin for relief valve  3NB-1600                          
for safety valve model JA-3 
5Safety valve assembly
6Stabilizing diapraghm  107.130.025EA
7Diaphragm  107.130.01-15EA
8Main bearing retainar plate  107.130.043EA
9Bolt  107.130.0513EA
10Suction seal  3NB-1600  p/n -
11Discharge seal  3NB-1600   p/n -
12Wash plate seal   3NB-1600   p/n -
13Single lipoil seal
14Packing box
15Piston rod clamp
16Water retainer
17Liner end cover
18Belt 8V5L-8000,  3NB-16002EA
19Wear plate  3NB-1600
20Discharge pipe ring  3NB-1600) sizes: 16x11x151x175 (photo attached)3EA
21Liner bushing
22Grosshead guide lowar
23Grosshead guide upper
24Module studded
25 Ring threaded - p/n -
26Suction cover  3NB-1600)      p/n - 107.11.330.00
or Cage 107.11.330.00
27Discharge cover  3NB-1600)   p/n - 107.11.340.00
or Valve cover 107.11.340.00
28Cut-off valve
29Locking plate
30Locking clip
32Filter element XU-50-200, for EEC 3NB 1600 mud pump2EA