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LEWCO WH1300 mud pump replacement parts

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Xinhuafa manufactures consumable parts for various OEM mud pumps,and frack pumps, all of our parts are interchangeable with OEMs, including 


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In the May,we signed a contract with our client from Southeast Asia for LEWCO mud pump WH1300,And in July 18,we made the delivery to port.It will be soonly arrived at customer’s hand.


In the nearly 50 days production time,we try our best to make good products and service. Throughout the whole process of procurement, production, heat treatment and inspection, Xinhuafa's quality control system is playing its critical role to ensure the excellent integrity and performance of each pump part, and all manufacturing practice is in accordance to ISO 9001 and API quality management system.

Mud pump


All the parts are made in high strength materials, also proceed with enhanced coatings to reduce corrosion and improve wear resistance.


As we know,the oil and gas industry relies on durable and dependable mud pumps to maximize productivity in drilling operations. It’s critical to find a source for fluid ends with the manufacturing capabilities to keep your drilling operation running smoothly.


As a full-service mud pump fluid end manufacturing shop serving China and abroad, Xinhuafa will always to be a trusted mud pump fluid end parts manufacturer in China.


We achieve this commitment by developing a network of qualified suppliers in the country, providing the fastest response to customer needs and complaints, and timely delivery of goods.


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