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JA-3 type shear pin safety valve

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JA-3 type shear pin safety valve is used in the discharge part of the mud pump. It changes the relief pressure by changing the position of the shear pin. The operation is simple, the work is reliable, the area of the pressure bearing piston is small, the reset is easy, and the versatility Yes, it can be connected to a variety of pumps. The wearing parts in the shear pin safety valve are: shear pin, piston, piston rod and buffer pad, etc. It is the insurance of the mud pump. Before the mud pump works, after the rated pressure is determined according to the specifications of the cylinder liner and the piston, the upper cover of the safety valve is lifted, and the shear pin is inserted into the corresponding pin hole on the shear plate. During operation, when the pressure of the pump head exceeds the rated pressure, the shear pin is cut off, and the mud is discharged from the side hole of the safety valve, which plays a corresponding protective role. The connection methods can be divided into two types, one is threaded connection and the other is flange connection, which depends on the needs of customers. JA-3 type shear pin safety valve is currently widely used in high-pressure jet drilling rigs, and can also be used in high-pressure circulation systems for other media.