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Drilling Mud Agitator Parts-Agitator Motor and Agitator Reducer

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The mud agitator parts includes motor, reducer, base, stirring rod, impeller and other spare parts. Among them, the motor and the reducer, and the reducer and the pulsator shaft are all connected by a rigid coupling, and the pulsator is assembled by welding four blades. The mud agitator is generally installed on the surface of the mixing tank, and the mixing medium is mainly solid and liquid, including mud, muddy water, oil and water and other media. 


In the actual use of mud agitator, often due to the quality of the motor, reducer, base, stirring rod, impeller and other spare parts will fail or be damaged, so the quality of the  mud agitator parts thedirectly determines the effect and life of the agitator. When we choose a mud agitator, we need to know the daily maintenance and troubleshooting methods of the mud agitators spare parts.
Mud Agitator Parts Motor Reducer
The failures caused by the mud agitator parts include drive failure, transmission failure and mechanical failure. The failure of the explosion-proof motor parts of the mud agitator will cause the drive failure of the motor unable to rotate. The failure of the reducer spare parts will cause the motor torque to be unable to be transmitted to the stirring rod through the reducer, and transmission failure occurs. If the maintenance is improper, for example, the reducer is not often lubricated, it is indeed easy to malfunction; the impeller of the agitator, The material of the extension bar spare parts or improper installation may cause other mechanical failures. Therefore, the two important parts of the motor and reducer need to be specially maintained during the use of the agitator.


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