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Double eleven---- Happy 70th birthday to the people's Air Force!

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On November 11, 1949, the air force of the people's Liberation Army was officially established。On October 1, 1949, at the founding ceremony of the people's Republic of China, air formations roared past. At that time, most of the people's Air Force's airplanes were seized, many of them were assembled into thousands of choices, only 17 of them could be selected。

Premier Zhou said: the plane is not enough, we will fly twice。


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Today, November 11, 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Air Force。In this year's National Day 70th anniversary parade, 20 helicopters merged into a huge "70" character, symbolizing the 70 years glorious history of the people's Republic of China. More than 160 aircraft of various types have been reviewed by the motherland and the people。


China is already strong. We always ask ourselves for innovation with high standards, just like our products。Be proud of our motherland and ourselves。


Happy 70th birthday to the people's Air Force!


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