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Applications and Maintenance Guide for Drilling Mud Pumps

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In recent years, with the development of new drilling technologies such as hydraulic impact drilling, screw drilling, and turbine drilling in China's geological exploration industry, drilling mud pumps have been successfully developed as new products. Their functions are not limited to supplying flushing fluids (mud or water) into the borehole during core drilling to circulate, remove cuttings, maintain borehole cleanliness, and cool and lubricate drill bits and tools to prevent borehole collapse. They can also serve as power sources to drive impactors (or screws, turbines) to assist in drilling. Therefore, drilling mud pumps have become indispensable equipment in modern drilling operations.

Drilling mud pumps are particularly suitable for grouting treatment of various soft ground foundations. Their performance, featuring a horizontal triplex single-acting piston pump with two cylinder diameters and four-gear variable speed, offers eight flow rates to choose from. They are primarily used for hydraulic impact drilling within 1500 meters, screw drilling and turbine drilling within 2000 meters, and conventional core drilling within 3000 meters. Utilizing advanced structures and materials from both domestic and international sources, especially the integrated design of crankcase and gearbox, these pumps exhibit reliability, long service life for wearing parts, compact size, light weight, easy disassembly, and mobility, making them ideal equipment for geological exploration. They can also be used for engineering construction drilling, water well drilling, sugar and alcohol production, embankment grouting, and various other applications.

When using drilling mud pumps, the flushing fluid should not contain chemical substances that corrode metals and rubber components, and the temperature should not exceed 50°C. Recommended mud parameters include a specific gravity of 1.031.12, viscosity of 1825 seconds, sand content not exceeding 4%, maximum sand particle diameter less than 3 millimeters, and a pH value of 7~8 to prevent clogging of filters by debris such as mud lumps, weeds, and leaves.

Regular preventive maintenance checks are essential to ensure the normal operation of drilling mud pumps and to prevent accidents. It is recommended to inspect the connections between various components, the fixation of the frame, the tension of belts, the lubricating oil level inside the pump body, the fastening of drainage hoses, and the condition of filters on a per-shift basis. Additionally, the tightness of connecting rod covers, rods, and pistons, as well as the sealing of intake and discharge valves and rods, should be examined. Furthermore, components such as connecting rod bearings, gears, bearings, safety valves, clutches, and tees should be checked regularly through disassembly, cleaning, and inspection.

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