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About us---- Hebei Yingpai Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

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The company focuses on R&D of mud pump fittings and several R&D results were horned with awards as well as patented for invention. The company is engaged in product design, manufacturing and service on all the quality oilfield replacement parts, including mud pump fluid end parts including Fluid end modules, liners, pistons, valves,&seats, extension rods, piston rods, valve covers etc. 

 The company holds a professional technical team and is equipped with advanced machineries,improving the technical skills and updating product quality,Our products are certified by ISO9001 quality control. We supply products not only our oilfields company of domestic, but also dozens of countries all over the world, such as USA, Russia, Indonesia and Iran. With several years' persistence, we are widely accepted as a professional supplier of high quality mud pump cylinder liners and other parts in fluid end modules.

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of Mud Pump & Parts for 20 years. And we can supply you whole set on flat which suitable for oilfields in any worse environment outside. All are tested and can work well stable without monitoring. Parts also can be supplied to all pumps. All items are manufactured to API 7K quality standards.

Why you need to choose   Hebei Yingpai Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd?
As a professional oil and gas service company, we has many good experience is selling and serve for the oilfield industries, we provide the API 7k certified products for customers.

 Can  you make us the best quality products as well as a good price.
Yes. we can give you really quality products with best price,and we have a better understanding of Chinese market.


We achieve this commitment by developing a network of qualified suppliers in the country, providing the fastest response to customer needs and complaints, and timely delivery of goods.


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