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Tq Casing Power Tong

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Company Hebel Xinhuafa Petroleum Machinery Co. LTD
Address Chang'an District,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China
Contacts Anne Yang
Whatsapp +8617831121697

TQ Casing Power Tong
It has the following characteristics:

The best cutting diameter ratio design, reliable clamping, no slippage;
The brake band brake, the righting mechanism under the;
The hydraulic, two gear speed, using gear gear;
The automatic control system of the optional torque. The installation of torque automatic control system is better.

Main technical parameters:

Model TQ245/20Y TQ340/35Y TQ508/70Y
Application Range of Master Tong Φ102~Φ245mm Φ140~Φ340mm Φ245~Φ508mm
Application Range of Backup Tong Φ121~Φ270mm Φ154~Φ365mm Φ270~Φ533mm
High Gear Rated Torque 2600N.m 4800N.m 10160N.m
Low Gear Rated Torque 20000N.m 35000N.m 70000N.m
High Gear Rotation Speed 67 rpm 42 rpm 23 rpm
Low Gear Rotation Speed 9 rpm 6 rpm 3 rpm
Rated Operation Pressure 14 MPa 14 MPa 17 MPa
Max. Flow 120 L/min 120 L/min 120 L/min
Dimension:L×W×H mm 1500×630×650 1450×980×650 1980×1219×690
Weight(With Backup) 650kg 1050 kg 2250 kg