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Land Oil Drilling Rig / 1000m-7000m Completed Service Drilling Rig / Petroleum Equipment Petrolem Equipment

HFY30/1700J rig is mechanically driven rig, backstage drive in the form of two 12V190 diesel-powered rig, driven by a belt and car drawworks, mud pumps, energy generator or compressor. Winch with the turntable, the background and the car drive unit with integrated design, installation and transportation is very convenient. HFY30/1700J rig derrick hoisting winch power. Derrick at the lower levels, without winch powered by independent hydraulic lifting system to complete the process of release from the derrick. Has a small footprint, low mast installation, safe and reliable.
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 Land Oil Drilling Rig






Nominal drilling depth 5in DP 3000m    4  1/2inDP: 3500m  Max.hook load 1700Kn
 Line strung of hoisting load system  5X6 Wrie line dia. Ф29mm
 Max pull of fastline 100Kn  Max input power of drawworks  194kw
 Drawworks speeds 3F+1R  Primary brake Band brake
Aux. brake  Eddy brake  Drum size(D×L) 400x600mm
 Hook hoisting speed 0-0.72m/s  Opening of rotary table 445mm
 Rotary table speeds 2F+1R  Rated input power of rotary table 200Kw
 Max. static load of rotary table 2720Kn Max.torque of rotary talbe 14000N.m
 Rotary talbe speed 0-161 r/min Mast type  k type
 Mast effective height 41m  Height of monkey board  17.5m
 Monkey  board capacity(5""DP)  3000m  Substructure type Piled box
 Drill floor height 2.4m  Drill floor area(L×W) 11x6.4m
 Clear height under rotary beam 3.2 m

Description       HFY30/1700J rig is mechanically driven rig, backstage drive in the form of two 12V190 diesel-powered rig, driven by a belt and car drawworks, mud pumps, energy generator or compressor. Winch with the turntable, the background and the car drive unit with integrated design, installation and transportation is very convenient. HFY30/1700J rig derrick hoisting winch power. Derrick at the lower levels, without winch powered by independent hydraulic lifting system to complete the process of release from the derrick. Has a small footprint, low mast installation, safe and reliable.

 Hydraulic system
Function: hydraulic system is used for Leveling jacks, mast raising oil tank, mast telescoping oil tank, workover hydraulic clamp.

Air system
The pneumatic system mainly consists of air supply system, engine throttle control system and drawworks air control system. air supply system adopt gas source of vehicle and equipped with FRL Combination.
Air control valve of main drum is installed in the operation room and used to control clutch of main drum, operation room is equipped with control valve of main drum, drawworks emergency braking valve, crash-proof reset valve,


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