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Fluid End Module

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Hydraulic cylinder is also called the valve box, it is a major part to the fluid end parts. Blank forged by high strength alloy steel. After heat treated, with multi-channel processes. The three cylinders of each pump is interchangeable. The following key parts: cone saw tooth thread of cylinder head, connect of the curve of all the screw hole and inner cavity

 We can supply various mud pump expendable parts, including power end assembly, fluid end assembly and its spare parts, which can be easily matched & exchanged with some international famous mud pump brand, such as parts for 3NB series Pump, F series Pump, PZ series Pump, HBRS Pump, BOMCO Pump, EMSCO Pump, NOV P Series Pump, IDECO Pump, etc.

Fluid End Module & Spare Parts

. Fluid end module

. Threaded ring

. Lock cap

. Cylinder head

. Cylinder head plug

. Valve cover

. Valve guide

. Liner retainer

. Liner bushing .Liner clamp .Wear plate