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Drilling Rig Parts Oilfield for Mud Pump Swivel

1.Temperature: normal or low temperature  2.Size:1"-4"  3.WP: 2000-20000psi  4.long and short radius swivel joints
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The swivel includes two main categories, which are common swivel and double duty swivel. Double duty swivel is a common swivel combined with a spinner. Common swivel consists of swivel bail, shell, support, goose-neck, central pipe, master bearing, joint and other parts. The lower end is connected with kelly stem by REG thread. The swivel bail is hung on the hook. Goose-neck and rotary hose can be connected by REG thread connection or union connection.Wash-pipe packing set assembly adopts cassette structure, so it can be quickly replaced without disassembling rotary hose and goose-neck. 3LP and 4LP internal or external thread hose connection thread are available for you. We can also manufacture low temperature resistant water swivel according to customer's requirements.