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Centrifugal Chemical Pump / Heavy Duty Petro Chemicaal Process Pumps

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Heavy Duty Petro Chemicaal Process Pumps


                             Horizontal between bearings, radially split
                             Symmetrical case design with double end cover construction
                             Centerline mounted, top suction and discharge
                             Type code of API610 BB2

Performance Range:
                                    Capacity Q: ~2270 m³/h
                                    Head H: ~400 m
                                    Pressure P: ~5.0 MPa
                                    Temperature T: ~+425 ºC

Design Features:
                              Process design per APl610 Standard
                              Double suction, closed impeller
                              Compressible gaskets among volute casing, case cover and seal cover plate
                              Oil ring lubrication as standard,other lubrication methods are options
                              Seal chamber design conform to AP682, suit for all cartridge mechanical seals
                              Materials is per API610

                       Gas Processing
                       Synthetic fuel
                       Offshore platform

Description ( API610(8th) Petrochemical process pump (LQZP) )

 Model LQZP centrifugal process pump is made by means of introducing the foreign advanced know-how and designed in accordance with API610VDMA24297(light/middle type) and GB/T3215-82 and can be used to transport the vitriol, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid etc.norganic and organic acid solutions of various temperatures and concentrations; the sod-ium hydroxide,sodium carbonate etc. Alkaline solutions of various liquid petrochemical products,organic chemical compounds and other corrosive liquids,Suitable for oil refinery, Petrochemical industry,coal process engineering,sub-zero engineering,paper making,sugar refinery, water works,sea water desalt plant, power plant,environmental protection project, ship industry and so on.



Specificatigns and performance parameter


6.3 ~ 2400 m3/h


 5 ~ 300 m

Speed at 50 Hz:

1450 RPM or 2900 RPM

Speed at 60 Hz

1750 RPM or 3500 RPM

Inlet diameter:

40 ~ 400 mm

Outlet diameter:

25 ~ 400 mm

Power of fitted motor:

0.55 ~ 450 kW

The highest work pressure:

2.5 Mpa

Working Principle:

Centrifugal Chemical Pump


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