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5''piston for Mud Pump Liner Parts

Our pistons are strictly manufactured according to API Standard, which with a high performance in various well drilling environment. The hub is forged from high quality steel, and the piston rubber is made from specially formulated compounds which are of heat, oil and water resistance. It is interchangeable with all other API standard designed pistons.
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Features, Advantages and Benefits:

This piston is the best choice for oil-based and synthetic drilling fluids.

The piston is bonded to the hub for optimal strength and extrusion resistance.

The improved seal design centers the piston and promotes longer piston life with reduced liner wear.

The cut-back hub protects the liner from damage.

The dual- durometer  elastomeric  compound resists extrusion while ensuring a tight seal and improved wiping action.

The piston comes complete with a hub O-ring and sleeve.